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“Loss adjusting as a service”: assessing the damage with accuracy, punctuality and transparency.

Assessing a loss as a service means having the right expertise for the claim taken into account.

From the minor damage in a domestic environment to the large fire in a plant, we use the same evaluation accuracy but totally different working methods.
This is why we intervene each time with specific experts and technologies;

Experta guarantees technical expertise, transparency and a clear communication standard along with the constant search for innovative and technological solutions for every situation.

Property claims Italy

We provide loss adjusting services for all types of Property damages throughout the Italian territory.

Supported by the most advanced technologies, we combine the expertise of local technicians and loss adjusters with specialists from different fields to ensure that damages are handled in the best way.

In a few days, we aim to inform policyholders on how the damage will be covered by their insurance company.
Experta guarantees a flawless service to insured parties made of technical expertise, high transparency, clear communication and rapidity.

Loss adjusting and services for:

  • Fire damage claims
  • Weather event claims
  • Water pipe claims
  • Theft and robbery claims

Liability claims

Assessing liability damages is a delicate and fascinating process involving technical skills, insurance knowledge and legal competences. The activities of esteeming, analyzing the role of the parties involved in the loss and their responsibility in the accident require specific skills.

Experta combines all these different competences to deliver a rapid and efficient service.

Loss adjusting and services for:

  • Third Party Liability
  • Product Liability
  • Professional Liability
  • Accident & Health workers

Damages to renewable energy plants

Italy is one of the largest producers of renewable energies in Europe.

Assessing a damage in a plant of production of alternative energy, photovoltaic, hydroelectric, wind, geothermal or biomass plants requires specific technical knowledge.

A&A has a team dedicated to the assessment of these damages in which internal engineers and external consultants from different fields work together. For this reason we are a reference partner for all insurance groups that have created specific coverage for this field in the industrial or civil field.

Appraisals and services for:

  • Damage to photovoltaic plants
  • Damage to hydroelectric plants
  • Damage to wind power plants
  • Damages to geothermal and biomass plants
  • Damages from missed production

Mass claims

A&A handles more than 50,000 claims per year characterized by a strong seasonality. To cope with such large volumes, we have chosen state-of-the-art IT systems and designed dynamic processes capable of guaranteeing very high levels of service in terms of quality, quantity and time.

We do not accept compromises in adapting our productivity to the seasonal trend of claims, without ever compromising with what we consider to be the characteristics of an assessment: fair, technical, transparent and clear.


Loss adjusting and services for:

  • Water pipe damages
  • Other types of damages to assets
  • Comprehensive building damages
  • Weather events damages

Major and complex claims

In the face of large and complex losses, in addition to the technical and professional knowledge of the adjuster, the relationship with the client and the coordination of the team of specialist colleagues involved in the assessment are fundamental. Here the soft skills of the adjuster, his ability to make quick and incisive decisions, and the ability to translate sometimes complex and confusing situations into simple and quantified items play a decisive role.

A&A has teams of experts dedicated to these types of claims. Young, dynamic experts who have gained great experience in recent years, supported by the most modern technologies of investigation: a real novelty in this market.

We work in the field:

  • Claims to renewable energy plants
  • Claims on business interruption risks
  • Claims on cyber risks
  • Fire damage claims
  • Weather event claims

Engineering insurance claims

Our core business, here we know how to give the best of our technical expertise. At the side of companies that suffer damage to plants, machinery, electronic and technological equipment.

We work in the field of:

  • Assets under construction: damages on EAR covers.
  • Goods in operation: damages on machine failure covers, interruptions of operation due to machine failure, damages on electronic policy, indirect damages.
  • Goods after construction: damages on supply guarantee policy.


Claims in corporate environment

When a claim involves companies, multinationals or large organizations, several factors come into play that cannot be ignored. The policyholder must receive a timely and valuable service regardless of the type and severity of the damage. A service that requires a punctual organization as well as qualified experts.

    FAQ: Surveys

    How can I get in touch and send my documents?

    Reach us here, via email, live chat or phone: we’ll be in touch soon.

    Check our Contacts page for all necessary information. If you need to arrange an appointment, speak to the loss adjuster in charge of your claim or just provide information or documentation, please always specify the reference number of your case.

    Can I dispose of the damaged goods and parts? How long do I have to preserve them?

    The preservation of the damaged parts or goods for the necessary verifications by an expert is an obligation normally imposed by the policy, under penalty of non-compensation. It is therefore of fundamental importance that any goods affected by the damage (and not just photographs) be made available. It will be possible to dispose of them only after the complete assessment of the damage.

    Can I contact my suppliers to repair/replace the damaged items?

    While waiting for the expert verifications, it is of course possible to proceed with the repair or replacement of the goods or components damaged, on condition that the residuals are preserved until the final conclusion of the loss assessment.

    Who will come on-site to verify the damage?

    The verification of the damage on site is carried out by the technical specialists of the Experta network, professionals with extensive experience, with the know-how and tools necessary to document the damage in order to make a correct assessment. The technician in charge of the inspection has no competence on the indemnifiability or non indemnifiability of the damage.

    Why do I need to provide my IBAN?

    Once we have verified that your claim is eligible for compensation under policy terms, we’ll proceed to settle your claim through a bank transfer and having already your IBAN will help to speed up this process.

    What are the deductible and the percentage excess?

    They are the part of the damage which, by contract, remains at the charge of the policyholder: the deductible is expressed in absolute value, while the percentage excess is expressed as a percentage of the ascertained value of the damage. The application of a deductible and/or a percentage excess as a reduction of the indemnity does not depend on the discretion of the expert, but is regulated by the undersigned policy.