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About us

Experta: a benchmark in damage evaluation

We aim to deliver a flawless service. Fully digitalized processes drive our activity towards the best solutions for customers, ensuring the highest level of the quality of our service.
Thanks to advanced technological tools, our experts find the necessary time and means to strengthen personal and professional relationships with policyholders, agents and clients.


A benchmark for people and their properties

At the side of policyholders for any loss, from the small water to the large fire damages, to theft, indirect damages and liability claims.
Our nationwide team of experts and technicians is specialized in managing, assessing and repairing property damages regardless of their complexity and entity, both in the civil and industrial environments.

The team

A young, wide-ranging and quality-oriented business. We have focused everything on people, professionalism, collaboration between members and a future-oriented mindset: a guarantee for a lasting edifice and the achievement of outstanding results.


Diversity, caring for people and for the environment

We stand out for our values: caring for the people, caring for the environment and building on solid foundations. Individuals with different backgrounds is what makes us unique.
These principles shape our everyday actions. Let’s build a more inclusive work environment, a fairer society, a better world.