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Solutions for agents

Working alongside the agents of the insurance company is crucial for a successful management of claims. It makes the process easier, and favors policyholders’ satisfaction ánd mutual trust relationship.

We stand out for

  • A nationwide network of experts

  • The capacity to deliver repair and replacement of then damaged goods

  • Consultancy on post-claim activities

  • Rapidity of intervention

Digital tools for the loss assessment

Meeting the needs of the policyholder also means being willing to accommodate their timeframe and involving them personally. We do this thanks to digital platforms dedicated to carrying out virtual inspections through smartphones. With this tool it is possible to have the agent participate in the inspection.

Available at all times, we save time and protect the environment.

Multichannel communication

We communicate with policyholders and agents with clarity and transparency, using the communication channels most familiar to them. We want to facilitate communication as much as possible in order to simplify claims management and to provide agents with useful information to better assist their clients.

Direct damage repair

Thanks to our network of technicians, we can offer damage repair as an alternative form of damage compensation. No outlay of money for the policyholder and a professional repair, managed and coordinated by our repair management team.

Damage management consulting

Even a small damage requires choosing between several options, and decisions need to be made without having all the necessary information available. A&A helps the policyholder answer their questions and helps him to making informed choices.

FAQ: Solutions for agents

How does direct damage repair work?

“Direct repair” is a service that Experta provides on behalf of insurance companies that offer this option to their customers. It consists having the damage repaired instead of receiving a monetary compensation. By choosing direct repair as a form of indemnity, the damage will be repaired by an contractor of Experta’s network, in an optimal manner and timeframe, with the following advantages:


  1. The zeroing of the policy deductibles
  2. A turnkey repair without advance payment
  3. No difference between the cost of the repair and the amount indemnified
  4. 2-year warranty on the repair work carried out
  5. A control room that coordinates all repair work
Who will come on-site to verify the damage?

The verification of the damage on site is carried out by the technical specialists of the Experta network, professionals with extensive experience, with the know-how and tools necessary to document the damage in order to make a correct assessment. The technician in charge of the inspection has no competence on the indemnifiability or non indemnifiability of the damage.

Who communicates the outcome of the assessment to the insured?

Unless agencies or brokers have explicitly requested to be directly involved in the communication of the outcome of the assessment, the loss adjuster is normally in charge of communicating and explaining the details of the result of the loss assessment to the policyholder. This includes the reasons for the indemnity – or any reserve – and his evaluation of the claim.

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