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Solutions for insurance companies

We have changed the approach to the claim through digital tools and dynamic processes that can be adapted to the requirements of our clients. We guarantee a high level of service and a 360-degree claim management through innovative and customized solutions.

We stand out for

  • Proven compliance with Service Levels (SLA) and performance on KPI
  • Capillary presence throughout the country
  • Ability to manage large numbers with consistent quality
  • Technical Direction for complex claims, contractual expertises, ATP and CTU consultations and the correct reservation of claims
  • Constant quality control for all types of claims
  • Dedicated Team for each client
  • Artificial intelligence for anti-fraud management

Remote surveys

For mass claims, and where the type of damage allows it, we do virtual surveys through the smartphone of the policyholder. The tool allows a good documentation of the damage while respecting the rules of privacy and at the same time frees the policyholder from time commitments for the survey, involving him personally and actively in the management of his damage.

Damage verification performed by technicians

A network of technicians with specializations ranging from all areas of electronics, plant technology, IT, IOT, and home automation, to specialists in industrial machinery and systems, supports our damage assessment procedure when a physical on-site inspection at the location of the risk is required.
Integrated and collaborative processes between field technicians and loss adjusters ensure the coordination, steering and control of activities in a permanent exchange.

Self-care solutions for the assessment of small losses

We have accumulated technical, insurance and process data of claims for more than one million damaged assets. This pool of data, consistently updated, is the base for our artificial intelligence system that supports our loss adjusters in their daily anti-fraud work, as well as making it possible to propose self care solutions for small and simple claims.

Any kind of damage, anywhere in Italy, any kind of service

We are present on the territory with a high capillarity, with our whole range of services for mass claims but also for large and complex claims, with our in-depth expertise on renewable energy plants and cyber damages. A unique and specialized support for our customers.

Third party administration

We provide outsourcing services for claims handling, on specific projects or in case of claims surges. We are specialists of Self-Insured Retention (S.I.R.) claims and a trusted service provider for the insurance companies already using this service. We are working on the base of shared Key Performance Indicators (KPI). We setup dedicated teams and customized processes for each client and provide a customized periodic reporting.

A network of consultants and specialists

We routinely work with a network of consultants and specialists from a variety of fields; their expertise is available to our clients for technical support and advisory activities in all areas, from pre-damage risk-assessment to post-damage interventions.

Modern technologies for damage assessment and claims investigations

Our loss adjusters and assessment technicians use modern technologies for damage documentation. Drones and microcameras are used for non-invasive, lean inspections. Our central in-house laboratory and local laboratories allow us to conduct timely inspections.

FAQ: Solutions for insurance companies

How do you contact the policyholders?

Policyholders will be contacted by phone, email, SMS or messenger. For video surveys, we use a specific platform.

How is a video survey carried out?

In order to use the service of video survey it is necessary to have a smartphone with a camera, and a fully charged battery and a stable internet connection. For the connection it will be sufficient to click on the link that will be sent and then follow the simple instructions of the adjuster for the acquisition of the photographic documentation.

Our app guarantees the correct geolocation and fulfill every requirement regarding privacy; no operation can be performed without the authorization of the policyholder. The video call allows for the participation of other parties if requested, for example the agent, the broker or the administrator of the condominium.

Who communicates the outcome of the claims assessment to the insured?

Unless the agent or the broker has explicitly requested to be involved in the communication of the outcome, the loss adjuster is normally in charge of communicating the claim details to the insured. This includes the reasons for the indemnity – or any reserve – and its estimate of the claim.

Who intervenes at premises of the policyholders to verify the damage?

The verification of the damage on site is carried out by specialized technicians of the Experta network, professionals with extensive experience and with the know-how and tools necessary to document the damage in order to make a correct assessment. The technician in charge of the inspection has no competence on the indemnifiability or non indemnifiability of the damage.

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