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From loss adjusting to services, an integrated ecosystem

The synergy with our clients, insurance agents and claim departments inspired us to rethink loss adjusting as a service to the policyholder. Thanks to advanced technologies and digital processes supporting our activities, we have created a world of services around the pure loss adjusting for individuals and companies.


“Loss adjusting as a service”: assessing the damage with accuracy, punctuality and transparency.

Assessing a loss as a service means having the right expertise for the claim taken into account.

From the minor damage in a domestic environment to the large fire in a plant, we use the same evaluation accuracy but totally different working methods.
This is why we intervene each time with specific experts and technologies;

Experta guarantees technical expertise, transparency and a clear communication standard along with the constant search for innovative and technological solutions for every situation.

Property Claims Italy

A fast and rapid assessment of all type of property claims through a careful analysis of its causes, circumstances and origins.

Liability claims

A team of lawyers and technicians ready to assess the damage in liability claims.

Damages to renewable energy plants

Specialist Loss Adjusters for damages to renewable energy plants.

Mass claims

A long experience in managing large numbers of mass claims methodically and without compromising on quality.

Large and complex claims

The technical, managerial and administrative know-how to handle large and complex losses.

Technical and engineering claims

A team of engineers and technicians to deal with damages to the most advanced technologies.

Corporate solutions

The right professionalism to handle claims in the corporate environment.


Integrated solutions for a simple damage assessment

We have built an integrated ecosystem of solutions complementing our loss adjusting in the delicate moment of a claim. A service offer designed to serve at the same time the needs of agents, brokers and insurance companies with a fair, simple and transparent attitude.

For policyholders

From the assessment to the indemnity, we offer a complete loss management service.

For agents

Working alongside agents with innovative solutions to serve better their customers.

For insurance companies

A new approach to claims through innovative and active claims management solutions.

For brokers

Support through multi-channel communications with a national network of consultants and specialists.

Other Services

Discover the services offered by the other companies in our group operating in the world of Property Liability losses, Risk Management and Third Party Administration.

Leading company in electrical and electronic claims. It integrated the skills of insurance technicians and loss adjusters into a single process with its innovative and dynamic method.

It stands as the freshest, innovative and technological reality in the Third Party Administration/claims management.

One of the most prestigious and leading companies in the field of complex and corporate claims, in Italy and abroad.

Insurance risk management company, Action aims to transform risks into opportunities by improving and consolidating businesses.

Leader in Italy in the management of complex and international claims, it is part of Vering International and vrs Adjusters, an organization present in over 140 countries.